Investment Spotlight: Verbaly, Cohort 5

Introducing Verbaly, an AI speech coach designed to help you speak confidently.


Founder University is excited to announce our investment in Verbaly.

Verbaly is an AI speech coach designed to help you speak confidently.

We first met the co-founders, Bill and Raj during Cohort 5. They had just come up with the idea to start Verbaly on Week 1 of the program.

We were impressed by the team’s ability to prioritize talking to potential customers even before they built an MVP.

In week 10 of the program, we invested $25k based on their progress from launching their v1 product and growing organically from 0-600 users.

Screenshot from their weekly update during the Founder University Program

How It Works:

  1. Record yourself practicing a speech directly in Verbaly or upload an mp3 from a meeting or conversation.
  2. Verbaly analyzes your communication. You can ask questions like “How was I perceived in this speech?”
  3. Then it tracks your filler words, pacing, word choice, and tone.
  4. Verbaly measures your improvement over time in each category.

If you’re looking to speak with confidence, try it for free at

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Presh Dineshkumar

Chief of Staff at LAUNCH

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