FOunder University

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Founder University is a two-day curriculum for founders who have launched their product
but haven't raised Series A. 

Commitment to attend each day is required.



*General Admission*


Available to 60 founders selected based on merit. The class is free of charge for the accepted founders.

Only one founder per startup can attend.






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founder university

agenda september 2019

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DAY 1 - 9/9/19

Morning Session

LAUNCH Startup basics checklist

Speaker: Jacqui Deegan, LAUNCH

What information does the LAUNCH investment team (and other investors, most likely!) expect founders to have before the first meeting?

Startup Tuneup: Perfecting Your Presentation

Moderator: Jason Calacanis

Founders get 2 minutes to pitch their startup to Jason then receive candid feedback to make it 20x better.

afternoon Session


Speakers: Dave Brekke, Nico Kerr, Andrew Sparks, WSGR

Free legal advice. Get your startup legal questions answered by Attorneys at WSGR over lunch.

Get back to work: a fundraising process

Speaker: Jason Demant, LAUNCH

Getting the most return from the fundraising process & details about LAUNCH Accelerator.

Best Strategies for Hiring from Early Stage to Scale

Speaker: Maren Kate Donovan, Avra Talent

Strategies for hiring and scaling your best team.

Think Like a CMO: Organize a Marketing Team that Gets Results

Speaker: Sonny Mayugba, Waitr

Top strategies for building and growing your A+ marketing team.

5 keys to negotiating a term sheeT & Panel Discussion

Speaker:  Seth Helfgott, WSGR

This discussion covers the most important elements of a Series A term sheet to prepare founders for the negotiation phase.

food, fun & networking

Presented by WSGR

DAY 2 - 9/10/19

morning session

Raising money Through Syndicates

Speaker: Ashley Whitehurst, LAUNCH

What are Syndicates, and are they a good fundraising vehicle for your startup?

How to Optimize Your Funding Round

Speaker: Sara Deshpande, Maven Ventures

How to get the most from your round.

Startup Tuneup: Perfecting Your Presentation

Moderators: Jason Calacanis & Kirby Harris, Base Ventures

Founders get 2 minutes to pitch their startup to Jason & Kirby then receive candid feedback to make it 20x better.

afternoon session

LUNCH & networking

Learnings, A Tool Kit, & A Reality Check

Speaker: Samantha August, LAUNCH

growth & customer acquisition

Speaker: Guillaume Cabane (prev. Segment, Apple, Drift)

the sales method

Speaker: Whitney Sales, Acceleprise

happy hour

Presented by WSGR