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Founder University is a three-day curriculum for founders who have launched their product
but haven't raised Series A. 

Commitment to attend each day is required.

next Class:

February 11-13, 2019

san francisco, CA


Available to 60 founders selected based on merit. The class is free of charge for the accepted founders.



If you are a non-founder (Investor, Sales Exec, Aspiring Founder) and would like to attend, we have a few spots available to purchase.






*General admission: all founders with product in market but before Seres A are eligible to apply


founder university Mentors

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founder university

Curriculum for November 2018 Class
(Updated frequently)



Morning Session

Pitches & Perfecting your Presentation

Moderator: Jason Calacanis & Kirby Harris, Base Ventures

Founders get 2 minutes to pitch their startup to Jason  & then receive candid feedback to make it 20x better.

afternoon Session


Speakers: Dave Brekke & Nico Kerr, WSGR

Free legal advice. Get your startup legal questions answered by Attorneys at WSGR over lunch.


Speaker: Mick Luibinskas, Muru-D

How do you get from one step to the next when scaling your startup? Learn how to create a long-term strategy and the building blocks you’ll need to realize your vision.

driving VIRAL growth through loops

Speaker: Dun Wang, Calm

Learn how to drive product through growth loops, such as paid, organic, social and viral.

how to 10x your people

Speaker: Shane Metcalf, 15Five

How to build a strong, ethical company culture and amazing team. Learn how to build the foundation for mission, values and leadership.

financial diligence

Speaker: Vanessa Kruze, Kruze Consulting

Learn what financial diligence is required when your startup has an important transaction.

5 keys to negotiating a term sheeT & Panel Discussion

Speakers:  Seth Helfgott, WSGR

This discussion covers the most important elements of a Series A term sheet to prepare founders for the negotiation phase.

dinner & networking

Presented by WSGR


morning session

proactive M&A best practices

Speaker: Rishi Garg, Mayfield Fund (prev. Corp Dev, Twitter)

The basics around mergers & acquisitions. For many founders, even seasoned ones, M&A is a black box process. We’ll uncover what you need to know, and what to think about now.

raising through crowdequity funding

Speakers: Bianca Caban, Republic & Chuck Petted, Republic

Crowdquity is a new fundraising vehicle for startups. Is it right for you? Find out the how and why of raising money online.

Pitches & Perfecting your Presentation

Moderator: Jason Calacanis

Founders get 2 minutes to pitch their startup to Jason & then receive candid feedback to make it 20x better.

afternoon session

LUNCH & networking

Founder Lessons

Speaker: Morgan Debaun, Blavity

Morgan shares lessons she’s learned growing her startup from 1 to 5 digital media properties, with 4m+ social reach, 600+m total email subs, and Series A round led by Google Ventures.

fundraising metrics

Speaker: Mar Hershenson, Pear.VC

What are investors looking for? What metrics do you need to secure a Seed or Series A round? And, most importantly, how do you achieve them?

optimizing your sales pipeline

Speaker: Mei Siauw, LeadIQ

Learn the art of cold calling, targeted emailing, and other secret strategies to acquire customers.

CTO Strategies for Managing Your Technology

Speaker: Ben Herila, Underground Cellar

Fundraising through incubators & syndicates

Spearkers: Jason Demant, LAUNCH & Ashley Whitehurst, LAUNCH

Learn insider tips from the LAUNCH Managing Directors on how to fundraise, leverage our incubator, and raise through our syndicate.

happy hour

Presented by WSGR


off-site retreat, networking & startup challenges

Presented by Kruze Consulting