Investment Spotlight: HomeScore, Cohort 6

HomeScore is a management platform for buyers to lighten the load of selecting and managing their home.


HomeScore is a management platform for buyers to lighten the load of selecting and managing their home.

Existing platforms like Zillow and Reddit help buyers search for a home, but stop there.

Once a buyer has a shortlist, HomeScore allows them to compare the properties in more detail with an interactive AI chatbot.

Buyers compare properties based on priorities, lifestyle needs, and risk tolerance. They can also easily collaborate with their co-buyers or realtors within the platform.

Using data gained during the buying process, HomeScore helps the new owner manage their home post-purchase.

How HomeScore works:

  1. Upload a home inspection.
  2. Ask questions about the property, such as issues found in the home inspection.
  3. HomeScore ranks the urgency of issues found in the inspection.
  4. The platform gives an estimated repair cost for each issue and a list of local pros.
  5. HomeScore also provides other information about the location, such as school data and nearby restaurants.

After launching the beta in August 2023, HomeScore has continued to grow users week-over-week.

The two co-founders, Jared and Sharat, met through the MBA program at Carnegie Mellon University. They bonded over Jared’s failed attempt at buying a condo in 2021 after viewing 42 properties in Boston. They created HomeScore to help first-time homebuyers.

We met the team HomeScore in Cohort 6 and have been impressed with their consistent week-over-week growth.

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Kelly Schricker

Principal at LAUNCH

Kelly is a Principal at LAUNCH, an investment firm founded by angel investor Jason Calacanis. She spends her time supporting founders. She co-hosts Founder University’s 12-week program and Founder University Podcast. Prior to LAUNCH, Kelly was VP of Operations at, and helped grow revenue from <$1M to $4M+ in 3 years. She's spent over 10 years in early-stage startups, as a founder and early employee focusing on growth and operations.

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