Founder Fridays: Entrepreneurs in 34 Cities Around the World Met Up IRL

Founders around the world met up in person on February 2nd, 2024 for the first Founder Fridays.

We had 34 cities, 46 hosts, and 467 RSVPs!

Founder Fridays are local meetups for founders to discuss their biggest challenges and share learnings.

If you’d like to join or host a meetup near you, visit:

Portland, Oregon

Eight founders met in Downtown Portland and discussed their biggest challenges.

New York, New York

Sixty founders in NYC gather to shape the future at Founder Fridays.

Toronto, Canada

In Toronto, founders came together for a tea & walk, sharing challenges, ideas, and connections.

Longview, Texas

Founders united in Texas, bringing a vibrant mix of ideas and entrepreneurial spirit to the table.

San Mateo, California

In San Mateo, founders share insights and dive into entrepreneurial challenges.

Mountain View, California

Mountain View was a hub of exchange where founders talked about navigating the startup landscape.

Los Angeles, California

Founders in LA met and exchanged their visions and victories.

Chicago, Illinois

Founders from Chicago met up for Founder Fridays, turning ideas into action.

Vancouver, Canada

Founders met up at Coffebar in Vancouver to talk about what's working and what isn’t at their startups.

San Francisco, California

Local founders from San Francisco sparked conversation and connections

Tokyo, Japan

Founders in Tokyo brainstormed and built on each other's insights.

Miami, Florida

Almost 20 Miami founders meet to exchange ideas and goals for the year.

Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane's startup community unwinds and shares their startup journey.


Screens replace conference rooms as founders worldwide meet up for Founder Fridays.

San Diego, California

Global ambition met San Diego’s local talent this Feb 2 at Founder Fridays.

Boston, Massachussetts

Founders from Boston met and discussed how to overcome their biggest challenges.

Culver. California

Founders from Culver City gathered last Friday, brewing ideas as they mapped out the future.

Special thanks to our portfolio company, River, for making Founder Fridays easy to organize.

To find or host Founder Fridays in your city, visit:

Kelly Schricker

Principal at LAUNCH

Kelly is a Principal at LAUNCH, an investment firm founded by angel investor Jason Calacanis. She spends her time supporting founders. She co-hosts Founder University’s 12-week program and Founder University Podcast. Prior to LAUNCH, Kelly was VP of Operations at, and helped grow revenue from <$1M to $4M+ in 3 years. She's spent over 10 years in early-stage startups, as a founder and early employee focusing on growth and operations.

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