Founder Friday Recap for May 2024

Founders around the world met up in person on May 3rd, 2024, for Founder Fridays.

Founder Fridays are local meetups for founders to network, discuss their biggest challenges, and share learnings.

This month, founders talked about their biggest challenge and lessons from fundraising.

If you’d like to join or host a meetup near you, visit:

Las Vegas, Nevada

San Francisco, California

Los Angeles, California

Atlanta, Georgia

Longview, Texas

Miami, Florida

London, England

Atlanta, Georgia

Kelly Schricker

Principal at LAUNCH

Kelly is a Principal at LAUNCH, an investment firm founded by angel investor Jason Calacanis. She spends her time supporting founders. She co-hosts Founder University’s 12-week program and Founder University Podcast. Prior to LAUNCH, Kelly was VP of Operations at, and helped grow revenue from <$1M to $4M+ in 3 years. She's spent over 10 years in early-stage startups, as a founder and early employee focusing on growth and operations.

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