Investment Spotlight: BeforeSunset, Cohort 5

Introducing BeforeSunset, a productivity tool that organizes & prioritizes your work tasks

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Kelly Schricker

BeforeSunset is a productivity tool that uses AI to organize your tasks and prioritize them on your schedule.

There are many productivity, to-do, and time-tracking tools in the market. However, BeforeSunset uses AI to create subtasks to execute projects more efficiently.

How BeforeSunset increases productivity:

  1. The user inputs their tasks and to-do items.
  2. BeforeSunset AI organizes the tasks into the user’s calendar with time blocks (integrated with Google Calendar).
  3. Then the AI autogenerates the subtasks needed to complete the project.

The team is 3-founders: Batuhan Ulasan (COO), Elif Duran (CEO), and Ceylan Esroy (CMO). They started working on the product in January 2023 and then joined Founder.University cohort 5 in April.

During week 8 of the program, they launched on Product Hunt and received #1 product of the day, which resulted in 2000 new users, 3 paying customers, and $150 in revenue.

After seeing this progress, we invested $25k to help the team continue building.

Try the product for free at and see how you can transform your productivity.

If you’re a builder-founder interested in joining the next cohort of Founder University, applications are open for our December 2023 cohort.

We review applications on a rolling basis. Learn more and apply at

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